Extensive opportunity. Under-explored

SMG aligned with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals-Environmental and Social Impact Targets

Two New Near-Term Production Opportunities in Central Asia

Scythian Mining Group presents a clear pathway to produce 60,000 oz of gold in 2024, in two separate mining operations, (30,000 oz Au pa each)

All gold is produced using “Clean Mining” technology and purchased by the Kazakhstan government at the spot price. 

Further upside is available through:
1. Doubling production every two years to a target of 240,000 ounces per annum in 2028 2. Developing new advanced projects in the exploration pipeline

Financial modeling indicates a robust IRR of 96% with a calculated AISC cost per oz of USD821 at a gold price of USD1700 per ounce.

Corporate Strategy-Path to IPO, Au production and Beyond

Kokkus: Upgrade to JORC +1m oz Au
Complete Pre-Feasibility Study

Aktas 1 & 2: Upgrade to JORC +0.8-1m oz Au

Pre-IPO raise $3.5m


Streaming agreements in place for $15m x 2
Commence production @ 30,000 oz
Upgrade Kokkus to +2M oz
Start to Production on Aktas in 2023

Total production in 2024 60,000oz Au

Complete IPO on London Q1 2022
IPO Raise $5-10m


Double production to 120,000 oz

Introduce CIP plant to the production circuit

East Balkhash begins production

Acquire and develop further projects


Double production 240,000 oz

Acquire and develop further projects


SMG Corporate Structure

SMG: 40.2m shares issued, 92% of shares held by top 8 shareholders, mostly management, who have invested over $0.7m cash to date,
SMG: Target IPO Q1 2022