The mining Industry has many opportunities driven by the increasing demand for new and old metals and minerals needed within the zero emissions economy of this changing world. But with these opportunities comes responsibilities; public opinion is changing and the demand for cleaner and more sustainable practices is getting louder.

Many countries including Kazakhstan have pledged to meet a zero emission goal in the next 30 or 40 years, and the planning to meet this goal is starting now, not in 25 years time. This realization is starting to make the investment community consider where and what they invest in, so that today a sustainable business is not just about producing profit today but also how they plan to manage emissions now and into the future.

If mining companies continue to ignore their carbon footprint and environmental impact they will fail to meet the targets set by the UN or National or International bodies, this in turn will expose them to the risk of fines or other sanctions imposed as a result, it is these risks, plus the negative publicity of being a “polluter” that is increasingly swaying investor decisions. Environmental risks and increased productivity can improved by becoming an “Intelligent Mining Company”, and by:

  • Developing a digital strategy & managing digital transformations,
  • Automating Operations and digitizing assets
  • Establishing a Digital mine Nerve center
  • By monitoring all aspects of the mining operation to reduce waste, maximize metal recovery, and achieve zero emissions
SMG’s management ambition includes becoming an “Intelligent Mining Company” with waste reduction and zero emissions

Following our Scythian Heritage of preserving our future - SMG is creating a Green, self-funding Mining Growth Platform in Central Asia

  • SMG is committed to “Sustainable Mining” (no cyanide) as well as “Emissions Free Mining” using either Certified Emission Reductions, or EFEC’s, or opting for a 20MW solar & wind generation systems.
  • SMG being very conscience of the Scythian’s love of gold and nature, SMG’s have developed business strategies to reflect this heritage, and as SMG whole business involves finding and reaping the rewards of the earth’s riches, then it is SMG’s responsibility to also give back to the earth,
  • SMG has two near-production Au assets which have been selected because of low OpEx and CapEx costs, based on simple open cut mining and simple metallurgy
  • Each of Kokkus & Aktas have 70-74% Au recovery from the oxide zone, 47% Au recovery in the transitional ore using intended gravity circuit-Knelson Concentrators.
  • Once the oxide ore is mined, SMG will switch to tank leaching using non-cyanide solutions,
  • These Au projects are the cash generator engine to drive a pipeline of projects to be developed by SMG’s knowledge of over 25 years on the ground in Central Asia, with both TAG and porphyry style deposits being our preferred exploration model
  • The production target is to increase Au production by 2028 to 240,000 oz Au per annum