Pre-IPO Funds of $US3.4 to complete work to achieve a target of +2m oz JORC I & I, plus local feasibility studies and IPO costs. Issue price $US0.3/ share

1. Pre-IPO part I raise of $2.0M to fund upgrade of Kokkus resource and FS funding
2. Pre-IPO part II raise of $1.4m to cover additional drilling on Aktas project, conversion to JORC and IPO costs

3.Final negotiations $15M x2 gold streaming arrangements to cover CapEx for Kokkus and Aktas, to begin Au production in 2023, Mining License approval expected 2022

4.Estimated Financial Model (using $1700 gold price and 30k oz production profile):
I.Kokkus NPV $105m @ 10% Discount IRR 91%
II.Aktas NPV $100m @ 10% Discount IRR 83%